Orijin Alcoholic Beverage Vs Orijin Bitters: Which Do You Prefer?

By Onyedikachi Mba

Bitters vs Spirit

Similar to beer in appearance and strength (but free of barley and hops), Orijin Alcoholic Beverage is a brand of Nigeria’s beverage drink, which gives you the bitter-sweet flavor of African herbs and fruits. Orijin Alcoholic Beverage comes in two sizes: a 65cl dark-green glass bottle and a 33cl can – both of which have a 6% volume of alcohol.

Ingredients in Orijin Alcoholic Beverage include water, alcohol, sugar and plant extract, such as kola nut, prune, oakwood, bitter orange peel, and wormwood.

This Beverage is very affordable. The 65cl dark-green bottle is sold at N300, while the 35cl can is sold at N200.
Although the Orijin Alcoholic Beverage bottle looks like beer in appearance, it has a taste that is somewhat sweeter than beer. And when it is poured into a glass cup, it doesn’t foam like lager. On the streets, this drink is known as the ‘women’s drink’.

On the other hand, Origin Bitters is a stronger liqueur, which is produced with African herbs and fruits put together for a bitter, yet refreshing taste. It is however, it is not as bitter on the palate like other brands of bitters, such as Action or Alomo Bitters, which has a stronger, bitter taste.

With almost 30% alcoholic content, Orijin Bitters comes in 20cl and 75cl bottles. The bitters is affordable.

Orijin Bitters contains chamomile and thyme, which are believed to have significant health benefits. Chamomile, for instance, has been used for millennia to treat stomach pain and anxiety. Other ingredients in Orijin Bitters include neutral spirits, sugar, citric acid, trisodium citrate, caramel extracts, naartire, cinnamon, and orange.

Just like every other alcoholic drink, excesses are dangerous. Heavy drinkers of Orijin could be predisposed to some life-threatening conditions, such as liver issues and more. The Orijin bitters, like every other alcoholic drink, can give some people a hangover. But many people love this drink, perhaps because of its unique bitter flavor.

Orijin Alcoholic Beverage and Orijin Bitters give consumers the taste and satisfaction they desire, and drinks are readily available at any good restaurant or store nationwide.

Have you had either of the Orijin Bitters or Orijin Alcoholic Beverage? Which do you prefer? For me, I’ll go for Orijin Bitters.

Rating the two drinks, I’ll score both the Orijin Bitters 6/10 and Orijin Alcoholic Beverage 6/10.